#19387/41040 - Garfield speak to me NTM is that you Garfield that was that was Microsoft Sam you said are you alright Garfield Garfield oh no he's watching family yari I do another member being hung CM Punk being happy I may be fat but he's still happy hasn't me having sex and see bad oh no I'm a cat John I'm horny I just hate I wonder if I'm going to scar field ok field is filthy don't be silly I'm the groom cats but when I need was a teddy bear I need to write a clean I am fit but going hey stranger this body is big enough for the both of us having a week Garfield cell is going on 7 coming back haha I'm sorry about that sir I see I'm not myself today you just have this drug is very lazy he doesn't sleep he doesn't call Nani is nice to Mississippi come to think of it may I be of assistance stay out of this let's test this week do it normal for Garfield like in the head who would do such a what is the part cash podcast I will drool in Internet I will do in the next I'm just doing internet no we have to go save him go ahead and when we have in the head will get his memory back its me Garfield the cat its me please cat please cat please cat please Mike this is an accent this is madness this is Mike this is Sam send him this send this to the top in the car to talk to the volcano on and pull him in what did not like this what the most wanted was like the first one or two what the most want the most want the most want the most what the most like the most by Microsoft Sam